/ (ˈpɜːlə) /

  1. informal a headlong or spectacular fall (esp in the phrase come a purler)

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/ (ˈpɜːlə) /

  1. Australian slang something outstanding in its class

Origin of purler

of unknown origin

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How to use purler in a sentence

  • purler, a heavy fall from a horse in the hunting or steeplechasing field.

    The Slang Dictionary | John Camden Hotten
  • It was precisely the attitude of one who has had a purler at football.

    Tomaso's Fortune and Other Stories | Henry Seton Merriman
  • One of them beggars had come up behind, and swung his gun round, and fetched him a purler on the back of his head.

    The Gamekeeper at Home | Richard Jefferies
  • Gel I know—relative of mine she is, by marriage—goes a purler with a chap.

    Rest Harrow | Maurice Hewlett
  • If I come a purler it will not be for the first time where women are concerned.

    Cynthia's Chauffeur | Louis Tracy