purple finch

  1. a North American finch, Carpodacus purpureus, having a raspberry-red head, breast, and rump.

Origin of purple finch

An Americanism dating back to 1720–30

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How to use purple finch in a sentence

  • But the identification of the purple finch, after all, depends quite as much upon his song as his color.

    Bird Neighbors | Neltje Blanchan
  • From the tree tops below the clear warble of the purple finch proclaimed that under the fronds twilight had fallen.

    The Claim Jumpers | Stewart Edward White
  • Now listen to the purple finch as he perches on highest twig, proclaiming his arrival with no uncertain sound.

  • His purple finch is as brilliant as a rose, whereas at its best, this bird is a dull carmine.

    John James Audubon | John Burroughs
  • The goldfinch in bright yellow coat, the purple finch in red, and the sparrows in plain brown.

    The Children's Book of Birds | Olive Thorne Miller