or pur·ply

[ pur-plish ]


  1. of or having a somewhat purple hue.

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Other Words From

  • purplish·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of purplish1

First recorded in 1555–65; purple + -ish 1
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Example Sentences

Others are going to see these purplish hues and they are going to have a rubric to understand the phenomenon.

The sickliest moon-grown plants were tiny and purplish rather than green.

He bathed the vegetable seeds for his garden for a minute in the lamp’s rich, purplish glow, and then planted them.

The orange glow began to fade as the sun set, turning softer, then pink as the sky darkened to a purplish blue.

A summer storm cell breaks, purplish and powerful, over the North Park Baptist Church on the north side of Orlando.

Post 2010, the once-purplish second district was redrawn to be solidly red.

She was wearing a purplish button-down shirt and black trousers, and people seemed very happy to meet her.

The species is peculiar for its yellow pearly internal coat, and purplish rays.

Fine-grained quartzose sandstone, of a purplish hue, resembling a rock on the banks of the Severn, near Bridgenorth.

Purplish-brown epidote, with small nests or concretions of green epidote and quartz; forming a sort of amygdaloid.

The inside is pale purplish-brown, with a yellowish-white muscular impression.

Gaunt and grim was the vast station, with its freezing purplish electric light.





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