[ purs-leyn, -lin ]
/ ˈpɜrs leɪn, -lɪn /


a low, trailing plant, Portulaca oleracea, having yellow flowers, used as a salad plant and potherb.Compare purslane family.
any other plant of the purslane family.

Origin of purslane

1350–1400; Middle English purcelan(e) < Middle French porcelaine < Late Latin porcillāgin- (stem of porcillāgō), for Latin porcillāca, variant of portulāca portulaca
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British Dictionary definitions for purslane

/ (ˈpɜːslɪn, -leɪn) /


a weedy portulacaceous plant, Portulaca oleracea, with small yellow flowers and fleshy leaves, which are used in salads and as a potherb
any of various similar or related plants, such as sea purslane and water purslane

Word Origin for purslane

C14 purcelane, from Old French porcelaine, from Late Latin porcillāgō, from Latin porcillāca, variant of portulāca
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