[ per-vey ]
/ pərˈveɪ /

verb (used with object)

to provide, furnish, or supply (especially food or provisions) usually as a business or service.

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Origin of purvey

1250–1300; Middle English purveien < Anglo-French purveier < Latin prōvidēre to foresee, provide for. See provide

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verb (pəˈveɪ) (tr)

to sell or provide (commodities, esp foodstuffs) on a large scale
to publish or make available (lies, scandal, etc)

noun (ˈpɜːvɪ)

Scot the food and drink laid on at a wedding reception, etc

Word Origin for purvey

C13: from Old French porveeir, from Latin prōvidēre to provide

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Word Origin and History for purvey



late 13c., from Anglo-French porveire, purveire and directly from Old French porveoir "to provide, prepare, arrange" (Modern French pourvoir), from Latin providere "make ready" (see provide, which now usually replaces it). Related: Purveyed; purveying.

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