[ per-vey ]
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verb (used with object)
  1. to provide, furnish, or supply (especially food or provisions) usually as a business or service.

Origin of purvey

1250–1300; Middle English purveien<Anglo-French purveier<Latin prōvidēre to foresee, provide for. See provide

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How to use purvey in a sentence

  • purvey says, "Men might expound much openlier and shortlier the Bible than the old doctors have expounded it in Latin."

British Dictionary definitions for purvey


verb(pəˈveɪ) (tr)
  1. to sell or provide (commodities, esp foodstuffs) on a large scale

  2. to publish or make available (lies, scandal, etc)

  1. Scot the food and drink laid on at a wedding reception, etc

Origin of purvey

C13: from Old French porveeir, from Latin prōvidēre to provide

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