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[ poosh-doun ]


, Aeronautics.
  1. a sudden, downward shift by an aircraft in the direction of the flight path.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of push-down1

First recorded in 1935–40; noun use of verb phrase push down

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Example Sentences

I push down on the pedal with my right leg and instead of propelling myself forward, I topple over sideways.

A larger labor supply could push down wages reversing the historic trend toward shorter working hours in developed countries.

Obama's new plan would push down the corporate tax rate and close loopholes.

And she herself had given him the first push down that facile descent when she had refused to be his wife.

At length Bulow was strong enough to push down into the valley, and occupy the wood of Pris, whence he could assail Planchenoit.

Push down the frozen dessert in the can carefully and tightly with the aid of a spoon.

A rat will push down his tail into the tall-shaped bottle of preserves, and lick it after he has pulled it out.

Combs were used to push down the weft on a hand loom, the warp being kept taut by means of weights.


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