push shot

  1. Basketball. a shot with one hand from a point relatively distant from the basket, in which a player shoots the ball from shoulder level or above.

  2. Golf. a shot, played with an iron, in which a player with the weight forward on the front foot and with the wrists firm strikes the ball a sharp, descending blow in hitting a low ball with backspin.

Origin of push shot

First recorded in 1905–10

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How to use push shot in a sentence

  • That was surely a fluke, but how about the push shot on fifteen?

    Fore! | Charles Emmett Van Loan
  • English professionals have written whole books about the push shot, but mighty few men have ever learned to play it.

    Fore! | Charles Emmett Van Loan
  • He depressed a lever, and a sudden smooth push shot them away from the T-247.

    The Ultimate Weapon | John Wood Campbell
  • A famous professional once asked me quite simply, "How do I play my push-shot, Mr. Vaile?"

    The Soul of Golf | Percy Adolphus Vaile
  • Vardon, for playing this push shot, uses a cleek with a shorter handle and with more loft than his ordinary cleek.

    The Soul of Golf | Percy Adolphus Vaile