push through


  1. tr to compel to accept

    the bill was pushed through Parliament

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Example Sentences

Last year, her group successfully helped push through a measure that made the sale of cat fur illegal in the country.

These are the kind of challenges the first gay NFL player will likely have to clench his teeth and push through.

As recently as a few years ago, cable companies had great market power and could easily push through price increases.

Yes, the House did manage to push through a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff at the last possible moment.

How did activists push through amazing wins on gay marriage?

The members of the choir are of a brisk, warbling turn of mind, and can push through their work blithely.

He takes this as a pretty strong hint to push through, or, to make some sort of a battleship attack to support us.

She soon found that by approaching sideways she could see well enough to swing her head between the wires and then push through.

He was a splendid chairman to push through a mass of business, but he shone less on ordinary occasions.

When he left his young friend, however, it was with the firm purpose of doing, or rather trying to push through this purpose.





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