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/ pʊʃt /


  1. informal.
    often foll by for short (of) or in need (of time, money, etc)

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Example Sentences

Guy Molinari, a former Staten Island borough president, pushed back against that view.

In some cases, public employee unions even pushed private sector unions to endorse Republicans.

They have pushed into just about every other corner of the Caribbean and Central America where airports exist.

For a large fee, you could be pushed down the boardwalk on a rolling wicker chair by a black worker.

Instead, he barely pushed the jurors to charge the cop and allowed the unprecedented step of letting the officer testify.

His hat was pushed back from his forehead, the collar of his blue flannel shirt was open.

There was no response to the knock, and Davy cautiously pushed open the door and went in.

During the siege of Acre he commanded the covering force, and pushed reconnaissances far and wide.

She then pushed past the child, and went on to a door at the end of the passage, which she threw open, without knocking.

They slept at a miserable cabin in one of the clearings, and at early dawn pushed on, reaching the Cahuilla village before noon.


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