[ poos-ee-foot ]
/ ˈpʊs iˌfʊt /

verb (used without object)

to go or move in a stealthy or cautious manner.
to act cautiously or timidly, as if afraid to commit oneself on a point at issue.

noun, plural puss·y·foots.

a person with a catlike, or soft and stealthy, tread.
Chiefly British. a teetotaler or prohibitionist.

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Origin of pussyfoot

An Americanism dating back to 1890–95; pussy1 + foot

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/ (ˈpʊsɪˌfʊt) informal /

verb (intr)

to move about stealthily or warily like a cat
to avoid committing oneself

noun plural -foots

a person who pussyfoots
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Word Origin and History for pussyfoot



also pussy-foot, 1903, "tread softly," from pussy (n.1) + foot (n.). As a noun from 1911, "a detective," American English, from the nickname of U.S. government Indian Affairs agent W.E. Johnson (1862-1945), in charge of suppressing liquor traffic on Indian reservations in Oklahoma, who was noted for his stealthy tactics. Related: Pussyfooting; pussy-footed (1893).

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