or put·down

[ poot-doun ]
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  1. a landing of an aircraft.

  2. Informal.

    • a disparaging, belittling, or snubbing remark.

    • a remark or act intended to humiliate or embarrass someone.

Origin of put-down

First recorded in 1960–65; noun use of verb phrase put down

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How to use put-down in a sentence

  • A serious insurrection occurred at Dresden, in Saxony, but was in a few days put down.

  • The Professor put down his cards without a word, and left the room, going straight upstairs.

    Uncanny Tales | Various
  • Now this morning I saw it put down for to-day Very pleasant, and I knew for sartin it would rain before night.

  • Another female person, whom I put down as Madam Stone, arose and disappeared through an open door at my approach.

    Raw Gold | Bertrand W. Sinclair
  • I put down my haid, and was just kinda dragged up the aisle and onto the platform.

    Alec Lloyd, Cowpuncher | Eleanor Gates

British Dictionary definitions for put down

put down

verb(tr, adverb)
  1. to make a written record of

  2. to repress: to put down a rebellion

  1. to consider; account: they put him down for an ignoramus

  2. to attribute: I put the mistake down to his inexperience

  3. to put to death, because of old age or illness: the vet put the cat down

  4. to table on the agenda: the MPs put down a motion on the increase in crime

  5. to put (a baby) to bed

  6. to dismiss, reject, or humiliate

  1. a cruelly crushing remark

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Other Idioms and Phrases with put-down


Write down; also, enter in a list. For example, Please put down my name for a free ticket, or Put me down as a subscriber. [Second half of 1500s]

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