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[ noun poot-on, -awn; adjective poot-on, -awn ]


, Informal.
  1. an act or instance of putting someone on.
  2. a prank or pretense, especially one perpetrated or assumed in mock seriousness; hoax; spoof.
  3. affected manner or behavior; pretentiousness.


  1. assumed, feigned, pretended, or disguised:

    a put-on manner that didn't fool anyone.

put on


  1. to clothe oneself in

    to put on a coat

  2. usually passive to adopt (an attitude or feeling) insincerely

    his misery was just put on

  3. to present or stage (a play, show, etc)
  4. to increase or add

    the batsman put on fifty runs before lunch

    she put on weight

  5. to cause (an electrical device) to function
  6. also preposition to wager (money) on a horse race, game, etc

    he put ten pounds on the favourite

  7. also preposition to impose as a burden or levy

    to put a tax on cars

  8. cricket to cause (a bowler) to bowl
  9. put someone on
    put someone on
    1. to connect (a person) by telephone
    2. to mock or tease


  1. a hoax or piece of mockery
  2. an affected manner or mode of behaviour

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Word History and Origins

Origin of put-on1

1855–60; adj., noun use of verb phrase put ( someone ) on

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Example Sentences

Her voice, in essence, sounds like a put-on version of a particularly technical rapper from the American South.

The first thing to know about King's personality is that it isn't a put-on for Fox News.

This was evidently no put-on apology for the occasion, and Wyndham, as he spoke, looked as penitent as his words.

It draws a share of the benefit, as it does the sympathy of those who are attracted by that well-put-on, appealing look.

And since her niece had come to live with her, this put-on sternness had increased.

"Some have, I believe," Anthony returned, with his well-put-on air of indifference.

"She's only china, and her hair's a put-on wig," said Agatha, with tears in her eyes.


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