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put out

[ poot out ]

verb phrase

  1. to extinguish, as a fire:

    Don't forget to put the candle out before you go to bed.

  2. to confuse; embarrass:

    It put her out badly when she went to pay and realized her wallet was still at home.

  3. to vex or annoy:

    He was put out when I missed our appointment.

  4. to subject to inconvenience:

    I don't want to put you out, so I'll wait until after dinner to stop by.

  5. Baseball, Softball, Cricket. to cause to be removed from an opportunity to reach base or score; retire:

    Ramirez was put out at third for the second out of the inning.

  6. to publish:

    She puts out a new mystery every other year.

  7. to go out to sea:

    The fishermen put out well before sunrise.

  8. to manufacture; prepare; produce:

    The factory puts out thousands of candy bars an hour.

  9. to exert; apply:

    They were putting out their best efforts.

  10. Slang: Offensive. (usually of a woman) to demonstrate willingness or offer to engage in sexual intercourse.

put out


  1. often passive
    1. to annoy; anger
    2. to confound or disturb; confuse
  2. to extinguish or douse (a fire, light, etc)

    he put out the fire

  3. to poke forward

    to put out one's tongue

  4. to be or present a source of inconvenience or annoyance to (a person)

    I hope I'm not putting you out

  5. to issue or publish; broadcast

    the authorities put out a leaflet

  6. to render unconscious
  7. to dislocate

    he put out his shoulder in the accident

  8. to show or exert

    the workers put out all their energy in the campaign

  9. to pass, give out (work to be done) at different premises
  10. to lend (money) at interest
  11. cricket to dismiss (a player or team)
  12. baseball to cause (a batter or runner) to be out by a fielding play


  1. baseball a play in which the batter or runner is put out

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Word History and Origins

Origin of put out1

First recorded in 1350–1400; 1730–40 put out fordef 5; 1925–30 put out fordef 10

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. put oneself out, to take pains; go to trouble or expense:

    She has certainly put herself out to see that everyone is comfortable.

  2. put someone out of their misery,
    1. to euthanize:

      We had to put the dog out of his misery, and everyone is still upset.

    2. to end a period of waiting, suspense, or the like:

      After she agonized for days about whether she'd be laid off, upper management finally put her out of her misery and sent her home.

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Example Sentences

Sony Pictures Entertainment has put out some of the most countercultural, anti-authoritarian movies of the past century.

The institute put out new numbers just this past summer (PDF), and they are eye-popping.

But right now, if we were to put out an aggregated tally for 2014, it would be way off the mark.

In the last few years, it seems the majority of likely Republican candidates have put out books.

But in order to commence rebuilding them from the ground up, the world must first put out the fires of this current epidemic.

This man does not appear at all put out by Mr. Arden's observant presence, nor even conscious of it.

He put out his hand in the most cordial and friendly way, and greeted me with the most winning smile in the world.

You could use some force to prevent him, you could not kill him, or put out his eyes, or treat him roughly.

If he had dared, he would have gone to her at once, to be put out of his misery, one way or the other.

She could just put out her hands and make motions at the freckled little girl.


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