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[ poot-uhp ]


, Informal.
  1. planned beforehand in a secret or crafty manner:

    a put-up job.

put up


  1. to build; erect

    to put up a statue

  2. to accommodate or be accommodated at

    can you put me up for tonight?

  3. to increase (prices)
  4. to submit or present (a plan, case, etc)
  5. to offer

    to put a house up for sale

  6. to provide or supply; give

    to put up a good fight

  7. to provide (money) for; invest in

    they put up five thousand for the new project

  8. to preserve or can (jam, etc)
  9. to pile up (long hair) on the head in any of several styles
  10. also intr to nominate or be nominated as a candidate, esp for a political or society post

    he put his wife up as secretary

    he put up for president

  11. archaic.
    to return (a weapon) to its holder, as a sword to its sheath

    put up your pistol!

  12. put up to
    1. to inform or instruct (a person) about (tasks, duties, etc)
    2. to urge or goad (a person) on to; incite to
  13. put up with informal.
    to endure; tolerate


  1. dishonestly or craftily prearranged or conceived (esp in the phrase put-up job )

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Word History and Origins

Origin of put-up1

First recorded in 1800–10; adj. use of verb phrase put up

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Example Sentences

But that makes the Ismael brothers no less proud of the resistance that they and other fellow fighters have put up.

And when we had Pride, we put up signs and some people would take them down.

Many told me they exchanged Christmas gifts, while others shared that they put up Christmas lights on the outside of their house.

He recently put up $50 million for half the cost of the Kennedy Center expansion, where he is chairman of the board.

The real power lies in a handful of men like Dan Loeb, who personally put up a million dollars to take over the Senate.

He said nothing, however, to the friends he had in view to put up the money and that necessary security.

The promoters went his security and put up the cash into the bargain, and he went back to the publishing house victorious.

The first steam rolling mill, with the exception of the one at Soho, was put up at Bradley ironworks.

Val was a fool for letting his town house in the spring but of course we know he is one and must put up with it.

The first engine worked by steam in this town that we have record of was put up at same works in Water Street, in 1760.


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