put in

  1. (intr) nautical to bring a vessel into port, esp for a brief stay: we put in for fresh provisions

  2. (often foll by for) to apply or cause to apply (for a job, in a competition, etc)

  1. (tr) to submit: he put in his claims form

  2. to intervene with (a remark) during a conversation

  3. (tr) to devote (time, effort, etc) to a task: he put in three hours overtime last night

  4. (tr) to establish or appoint: he put in a manager

  5. (tr) cricket to cause (a team, esp the opposing one) to bat: England won the toss and put the visitors in to bat

  1. rugby the act of throwing the ball into a scrum

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/ (ˈpjutɪn) /

  1. Vladimir (Vladimirovich). born 1952, Russian statesman; president of Russia (2000–08) and from 2012; prime minister (2008–12)

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put in

Make a formal offer of, as in a court of law. For example, He put in a plea of not guilty. [Mid-1400s]

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