put through

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verb (tr, mainly adverb)
to carry out to a conclusionhe put through his plan
(also preposition) to organize the processing ofshe put through his application to join the organization
to connect by telephone
to make (a telephone call)
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How to use put through in a sentence

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put through


Bring to a successful conclusion, as in We put through a number of new laws. [Mid-1800s]


Make a telephone connection, as in Please put me through to the doctor. [Late 1800s]


Cause to undergo, especially something difficult or troublesome, as in He put me through a lot during this last year. The related expression, put someone through the wringer, means “to give someone a hard time,” as in The lawyer put the witness through the wringer. The wringer alluded to is the old-fashioned clothes wringer, in which clothes are pressed between two rollers to extract moisture. [First half of 1900s]

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