put through

verb(tr, mainly adverb)
  1. to carry out to a conclusion: he put through his plan

  2. (also preposition) to organize the processing of: she put through his application to join the organization

  1. to connect by telephone

  2. to make (a telephone call)

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How to use put through in a sentence

  • I had a plan for her that I thought I could put through without much trouble, but I found out to-day that it isn't so easy.

    A Hoosier Chronicle | Meredith Nicholson
  • Most of the poems in the little volume which his friends put through the press in the year 1800 are written in standard English.

  • Guess if they had lived I'd been put through college and all the rest of it.

    Quin | Alice Hegan Rice
  • Under Sydenham's shrewd and energetic leadership a business programme of long-delayed reforms was put through.

    The Canadian Dominion | Oscar D. Skelton
  • I have put through a good many deals in my life in the big game, but this looks almost too raw.

    Blow The Man Down | Holman Day

Other Idioms and Phrases with put through

put through

Bring to a successful conclusion, as in We put through a number of new laws. [Mid-1800s]

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