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[ pi-ram-i-dl ]


  1. of, relating to, or shaped like a pyramid:

    the pyramidal form.

  2. of the nature of a pyramid; pyramidlike.

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Other Words From

  • py·rami·dal·ly adverb
  • postpy·rami·dal adjective
  • subpy·rami·dal adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of pyramidal1

1565–75; < Medieval Latin pȳramidālis; pyramid, -al 1

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Example Sentences

So depending on exactly how you analyze the training, polarized and pyramidal may sometimes be describing exactly the same thing.

You’ll note that it says “polarized or pyramidal,” not just “polarized.”

Two other long-missing turrets — one conical, one pyramidal — have already been reconstructed.

In particular, pyramidal neurons — the most abundant type of neuron in the cortex — are distinctly different.

Shilling favors the variety Morris Blue, selected for its pyramidal habit and silver-blue needles.

The pyramidal configuration has resolved itself into an unconstrained grouping of figures.

On the right of these promenades is the river, on the left the pyramidal hill, of the Cerro de San Cristoval.

They are made of carved wood, and are of pyramidal shape; about a foot high and a foot broad at the base.

The fruit is of roundish form, sometimes pyramidal, or heart-shaped, the broad base uniting with the stem.

For folding pyramidal tents: The tent is thrown toward the rear and the back wall and roof canvas pulled out smooth.


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