[ pahy-thuh-nis, pith-uh- ]
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  1. a woman believed to be possessed by a soothsaying spirit, as the priestess of Apollo at Delphi.

  2. a woman who practices divination.

Origin of pythoness

1325–75; python2 + -ess; replacing Middle English phytonesse<Middle French

usage note For pythoness

See -ess.

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How to use pythoness in a sentence

  • Dora stood in the center of the room like an enraged pythoness, her eyes blazing with passion.

    The Man Between | Amelia E. Barr
  • He sent messengers to ascertain if the pythoness could tell what he, the King of Lydia, was doing on a certain specified day.

  • In these paroxysms, Joanna raved like an ancient pythoness whirling on her tripod, and to just about the same purpose.

  • The Countess stood in the midst of her apartment like a juvenile pythoness under the influence of the prophetic fury.

    Kenilworth | Sir Walter Scott
  • The prophecy of Nostradamus is also obviously imitated from the response of the Delphic pythoness to Œdipus.

British Dictionary definitions for pythoness


/ (ˈpaɪθəˌnɛs) /

  1. a woman, such as Apollo's priestess at Delphi, believed to be possessed by an oracular spirit

  2. a female soothsayer

Origin of pythoness

C14 phitonesse, ultimately from Greek Puthōn Python

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