Qing Hai

or Ch'ing Hai, Tsing Hai

[ ching-hahy ]
/ ˈtʃɪŋ ˈhaɪ /
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noun Pinyin.
a lake in western central China, in northeastern Qinghai province. 2,300 sq. mi. (5,950 sq. km).
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Also called Qin·ghai Hu [ching-hahy-hoo], /ˈtʃɪŋˈhaɪ ˈhu/, Ko·ko Nor [koh-koh-nawr] /ˈkoʊˈkoʊ ˈnɔr/ .

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or Ch'ing·hai, Tsing·hai

[ ching-hahy ]
/ ˈtʃɪŋˈhaɪ /

noun Pinyin.
a province in western central China. 269,187 sq. mi. (697,194 sq. km). Capital: Xining.
Formerly Koko Nor [koh-koh-nawr] /ˈkoʊˈkoʊ ˈnɔr/ .
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Tsinghai or Chinghai

/ (ˈtʃɪŋˈhaɪ) /

a province of NW China: consists largely of mountains and high plateaus. Capital: Xining. Pop: 5 340 000 (2003 est). Area: 721 000 sq km (278 400 sq miles)
the Pinyin transliteration of the Chinese name for Koko Nor
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