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noun, plural quad·ran·tes [kwo-dran-teez] /kwɒˈdræn tiz/.
  1. a bronze coin of ancient Rome, the fourth part of an as.
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Origin of quadrans

From the Latin word quadrāns literally, fourth part
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Historical Examples of quadrans

  • As for the price exacted, it ranged from a quadrans to a very high figure.

    The Satyricon, Complete

    Petronius Arbiter

  • He made his pile from an as, and would pick a quadrans out of a dunghill with his teeth, any old time.

    The Satyricon, Complete

    Petronius Arbiter

  • Quadrans, kwod′ranz, n. a Roman copper coin, the fourth part of the as:—pl.

  • It was two of these that the widow cast into the treasury, Mark 12:42, where it is said that two of them equaled a quadrans.

    Archology and the Bible

    George A. Barton

  • Lepta are very small brass coins worth half a quadrans each, which is a quarter of the copper assarion.