[ kwod-ruh-lat-er-uh l ]
/ ˌkwɒd rəˈlæt ər əl /


having four sides.


a plane figure having four sides and four angles.
something of this form.
  1. a figure formed by four straight lines that have six points of intersection.
  2. a polygon with four sides.
the space enclosed between and defended by four fortresses.

Origin of quadrilateral

1640–50; < Latin quadrilater(us) four-sided + -al1. See quadri-, lateral

OTHER WORDS FROM quadrilateral

quad·ri·lat·er·al·ly, adverbquad·ri·lat·er·al·ness, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for quadrilateral

/ (ˌkwɒdrɪˈlætərəl) /


having or formed by four sides


Also called: tetragon a polygon having four sides. A complete quadrilateral consists of four lines and their six points of intersection
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Scientific definitions for quadrilateral

[ kwŏd′rə-lătər-əl ]

A polygon that has four sides, such as a rectangle or rhombus.
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