[ kwo-driv-ee-uh m ]
/ kwɒˈdrɪv i əm /

noun, plural quad·riv·i·a [kwo-driv-ee-uh] /kwɒˈdrɪv i ə/.

(during the Middle Ages) the more advanced division of the seven liberal arts, comprising arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music.
Compare trivium.

Origin of quadrivium

1795–1805; < Late Latin, special use of Latin quadrivium place where four ways meet; see quadri-, via, -ium
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British Dictionary definitions for quadrivium

/ (kwɒˈdrɪvɪəm) /

noun plural -ia (-ɪə)

(in medieval learning) the higher division of the seven liberal arts, consisting of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and musicCompare trivium

Word Origin for quadrivium

from Medieval Latin, from Latin: crossroads, meeting of four ways, from quadri- + via way
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