[ kwo-droon ]
/ kwɒˈdrun /

noun Older Use: Offensive.

a person having one-fourth black ancestry, with one black grandparent; the offspring of a mulatto and a white person.

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Compare octoroon.

Origin of quadroon

1640–50; alteration of Spanish cuarterón, derivative of cuarto fourth < Latin quartus; see -oon

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British Dictionary definitions for quadroon


/ (kwɒˈdruːn) /


the offspring of a Mulatto and a White person; a person who is one-quarter Black

Word Origin for quadroon

C18: from Spanish cuarterón, from cuarto quarter, from Latin quartus

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Word Origin and History for quadroon



1707, "offspring of a white and a mulatto," from Spanish cuarteron (used chiefly of the offspring of a European and a mestizo), literally "one who has a fourth" (Negro blood), from cuarto "fourth," from Latin quartus (see quart), so called because he or she has one quarter African blood. Altered by influence of words in quadr-. There also was some use in 19c. of quintroon (from Spanish quinteron) "one who is fifth in descent from a Negro; one who has one-sixteenth Negro blood."

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