an animal, especially a mammal, having four feet.

Origin of quadruped

1640–50; < Latin quadruped- (stem of quadrupēs), equivalent to quadru- quadru- + -ped- -ped
Related formsquad·ru·pe·dal [kwo-droo-pi-dl, kwod-roo-ped-l] /kwɒˈdru pɪ dl, ˌkwɒd rʊˈpɛd l/, adjectivequad·ru·ped·ism, noun
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Historical Examples of quadruped

  • A quadruped (the Splaypes humpidorsus) of great value to the show business.

  • The third keeper of the lighthouse is a quadruped called Tricky.

  • There was no evidence that any quadruped had descended the slope.

  • There was not one quadruped of any kind to be seen in or about that camp.

    Two Arrows

    William O. Stoddard

  • Was he a quadruped with mane and tail, or an allegory invented to typify destiny?

    A Day's Ride

    Charles James Lever

British Dictionary definitions for quadruped



an animal, esp a mammal, that has all four limbs specialized for walking


having four feet
Derived Formsquadrupedal (kwɒˈdruːpɪdəl, ˌkwɒdrʊˈpɛdəl), adjective

Word Origin for quadruped

C17: from Latin quadrupēs, from quadru- (see quadri-) + pēs foot
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Word Origin and History for quadruped

1640s, from French quadrupède (16c.), from Latin quadrupes (genitive quadrupedis) "four-footed, on all fours," also, as a noun, "a four-footed animal," from quadri- "four" (see quadri-) + pes "foot" (see foot (n.)). The adjective is attested from 1741. Related: Quadrupedal (1610s).

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quadruped in Science



An animal having four feet, such as most reptiles and mammals.
Related formsquadrupedal adjective (kwŏ-drōōpə-dəl, kwŏd′rə-pĕdl)
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