or ques·tor

[ kwes-ter, kwee-ster ]
/ ˈkwɛs tər, ˈkwi stər /

noun Roman History.

one of two subordinates of the consuls serving as public prosecutors in certain criminal cases.
(later) one of the public magistrates in charge of the state funds, as treasury officers or those attached to the consuls and provincial governors.

Origin of quaestor

1350–1400; Middle English questor < Latin quaestor, equivalent to quaes-, base of quaerere to seek + -tor -tor


quaes·to·ri·al [kwe-stawr-ee-uh l, -stohr-, kwee-] /kwɛˈstɔr i əl, -ˈstoʊr-, kwi-/, adjectivequaes·tor·ship, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for quaestor


sometimes US questor (ˈkwɛstə)

/ (ˈkwiːstə, -tɔː) /


any of several magistrates of ancient Rome, usually a financial administrator

Derived forms of quaestor

quaestorial (kwɛˈstɔːrɪəl), adjectivequaestorship, noun

Word Origin for quaestor

C14: from Latin, from quaerere to inquire
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