[ kwah-lee, -ley, kwey- ]
/ ˈkwɑ li, -leɪ, ˈkweɪ- /

noun, plural qua·li·a [kwah-lee-uh, kwey-] /ˈkwɑ li ə, ˈkweɪ-/. Philosophy.

a quality, as bitterness, regarded as an independent object.
a sense-datum or feeling having a distinctive quality.

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Origin of quale

1665–75; < Latin quāle, neuter singular of quālis of what sort

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/ (ˈkwɑːlɪ, ˈkweɪ-) /

noun plural -lia (-lɪə)

philosophy an essential property or quality

Word Origin for quale

C17: Latin, neuter singular of qualis of what kind

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"death, destruction," Old English cwalu, cognate with Old Norse kval "torment, torture," from a variant of the root of quell.

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