noun, plural quan·gos.

(especially in Great Britain) a semi-public advisory and administrative body supported by the government and having most of its members appointed by the government.


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Origin of quango

1975–80; qu(asi)-a(utonomous) n(on-)g(overnmental) o(rganization) or qu(asi)-a(utonomous) n(ational) g(overnmental) o(rganization)

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noun plural -gos

a semipublic government-financed administrative body whose members are appointed by the government

Word Origin for quango

C20: qu (asi-) a (utonomous) n (on) g (overnmental) o (rganization)

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1973, acronym for quasi-non-governmental organization (a descriptive phrase itself attested from 1967). Related: Quangocracy; quangocrat.

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