[ kwon-ti-tee ]
/ ˈkwɒn tɪ ti /

noun, plural quan·ti·ties.

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Origin of quantity

1250–1300; Middle English quantite < Old French < Latin quantitās, equivalent to quant(us) how much + -itās -ity

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/ (ˈkwɒntɪtɪ) /

noun plural -ties

Word Origin for quantity

C14: from Old French quantité, from Latin quantitās extent, amount, from quantus how much


The use of a plural noun after quantity of as in a large quantity of bananas was formerly considered incorrect, but is now acceptable

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Word Origin and History for quantity



early 14c., from Old French quantite, cantite (12c., Modern French quantité) and directly from Latin quantitatem (nominative quantitas) "relative greatness or extent," coined as a loan-translation of Greek posotes (from posos "how great? how much?") from Latin quantus "of what size? how much? how great? what amount?," correlative pronomial adjective, related to qui "who" (see who).

Latin quantitatem also is the source of Italian quantita, Spanish cantidad, Danish and Swedish kvantitet, German quantitat.

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[ kwŏntĭ-tē ]

Something, such as a number or symbol that represents a number, on which a mathematical operation is performed.
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see unknown quantity.

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