[ kwon-tahyz ]
/ ˈkwɒn taɪz /

verb (used with object), quan·tized, quan·tiz·ing.

Mathematics, Physics. to restrict (a variable quantity) to discrete values rather than to a continuous set of values.
Physics. to change the description of (a physical system) from classical to quantum-mechanical, usually resulting in discrete values for observable quantities, as energy or angular momentum.

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Also especially British, quan·tise.

Origin of quantize

First recorded in 1920–25; quant(um) + -ize

Related formsquan·ti·za·tion, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for quantized



/ (ˈkwɒntaɪz) /

verb (tr)

physics to restrict (a physical quantity) to one of a set of values characterized by quantum numbers
maths to limit (a variable) to values that are integral multiples of a basic unit
Derived Formsquantization or quantisation, noun

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Science definitions for quantized


[ kwŏntīz′ ]

To limit a variable or variables describing a physical system to discrete, distinct values. For example, the energy of electromagnetic radiation such as light at a given frequency must be an integer multiple of hν, where ν is the frequency and h is a Planck's constant; electromagnetic energy is thus inherently quantized (in this case, photons are the quanta of energy). The distinct orbitals of electrons in an atom are also a case of quantized energy. Many apparently continuous phenomena turn out to be quantized at a very fine level or very small scale; quantum mechanics was developed in large part to explain many unexpected cases of quantization in the natural world.
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