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/ ˈkwɔːtəz /

plural noun

  1. housing or accommodation, esp as provided for military personnel and their families
  2. the stations assigned to military personnel, esp to each crew member of a warship

    general quarters

  3. (in India) housing provided by an employer or by the government
  4. slang.
    functioning as singular military short for quartermaster

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Example Sentences

Three quarters of those people believe the end of the world is nigh.

Continue to cook until the sauce has reduced by three quarters.

Check out Le Marais, one of the oldest quarters of the city, where gay-friendly establishments line the winding cobbled lanes.

The IPRA report 32 officer-involved shooting investigations for the first three quarters of this year on their website.

Maybe I could turn all these quarters into some kind of rib-sticking casserole.

News came that the rebels were plundering the British quarters, and the infantry went there in hot haste.

Here the pair reached the "Dun Cow" and retired to their respective quarters.

He gets out and does things while these fatheads stay in quarters and untangle red tape.

Here the conversation ended, and the Yankee took up his quarters for two weeks.

Babylas will give you a letter to the authorities, charging them to find you suitable quarters.


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