quantum bit


the fundamental unit of information in a quantum computer, capable of existing in two states, 0 or 1, simultaneously or at a different time.

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Also called qu·bit [kyoo-bit] /ˈkyuˌbɪt/.

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British Dictionary definitions for qubit


/ (ˈkjuːbɪt) /


computing a quantum bit

Word Origin for qubit

C20: from qu (antum) + bit 4

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Science definitions for qubit


[ kyōōbĭt′ ]

See quantum bit.

quantum bit

The smallest unit of information in a quantum computer. Unlike bits in classical systems, which are in one of two possible states labelled 1 and 0, a quantum bit exists in a superposition of these two states, settling on one or the other only when a measurement of the state is made. Also called qubit
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