[ kweer-eez ]


  1. the plural of query.

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Example Sentences

Use various combinations of keywords, always check the related queries box, and get a wider view of the timeline.

The U.S. Air Force would not officially comment on the matter and deferred all queries to the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

None of its leaders responded to queries from The Daily Beast.

Even though he uses a VPN connection, his Internet is cut off whenever he makes the relevant web queries.

A spokesman for the U.S. embassy in Tripoli did not respond to queries.

For the past three years Blogologues has been transforming online posts, rants, and queries into a live-action variety show.

I have in this way seen some Queries put to me about matters connected with the history of the Danish settlements in England.

You see how the queries pour from me; but I will ask nothing more in words.

As soon as we were near enough to hear her words one of her officers gave the following queries: "Where do you come from?"

I kept along the edge of the timber, and answered many anxious queries as to the fate of the right column.

However, O'Toole baffled all his queries, and was proof against both blandishments and threats.