noun, plural que·ries.

verb (used with object), que·ried, que·ry·ing.

Origin of query

1625–35; alteration (cf. -y3) of earlier quere < Latin quaere quaere
Related formsque·ry·ing·ly, adverbout·que·ry, verb (used with object), out·que·ried, out·que·ry·ing.un·que·ried, adjective
Can be confusedinquiry queryquarry query
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Examples from the Web for querying

Historical Examples of querying

  • What else could be shown, I rebuked my nerves by querying of them; and turned the key.

    The Thing from the Lake

    Eleanor M. Ingram

  • Jack was querying, as he and old Fairfax sipped their five-o'clock "Manhattan."

    The Golden House

    Charles Dudley Warner

  • Clara, too; she was querying how much she should tell Thurstane; all of a sudden she was dreaming.


    John William De Forest

  • He looked at her on a level, spiritually, querying as to who she might be.

    The Precipice

    Elia Wilkinson Peattie

  • Miss Munch was querying as Claire stepped into the dressing-room.

    The Blood Red Dawn

    Charles Caldwell Dobie

British Dictionary definitions for querying


noun plural -ries

a question, esp one expressing doubt, uncertainty, or an objection
a less common name for question mark

verb -ries, -rying or -ried (tr)

to express uncertainty, doubt, or an objection concerning (something)
to express as a query"What's up now?" she queried
US to put a question to (a person); ask

Word Origin for query

C17: from earlier quere, from Latin quaere ask!, from quaerere to seek, inquire
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Word Origin and History for querying



1530s, quaere "a question," from Latin quaere "ask," imperative of quaerere "to seek, look for; strive, endeavor, strive to gain; ask, require, demand;" figuratively "seek mentally, seek to learn, make inquiry," probably ultimately from PIE *kwo-, root forming the stem of relative and interrogative pronouns (see who). Spelling Englished or altered c.1600 by influence of inquiry.



"to question," 1650s, from query (n.). Related: Queried; querying.

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