quick response


  1. marketing the rapid replenishment of a customer's stock by a supplier with direct access to data from the customer's point of sale

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Example Sentences

On the roads leading to the post, JAA fighters ambushed a quick response team, killing at least one IRGC officer.

Despite the high numbers, the CDC has stressed the notion that a quick response may render them “very unlikely.”

Now they are part of the team supporting a quick response to the August 21 attack.

“Timely, accurate intelligence … effective tactics … quick response … relentless follow-up and assessment,” McCarthy recited.

We live in a world of social media, online reporting and quick response.

His instincts were all for the great outdoors, and from such the sun brings quick response.

"No monetary consideration is needed, m'sieur," was her quick response.

Something above her daily life had struck a quick response from even her, but it was gone now.

Yes, came the quick response; he wants all four of us to go up to a logging camp in Maine and do that important business for him!

He starts to do nobly, but his inner pressure meets no quick response in outer act.


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