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quick study


  1. someone who is able to learn a new job or adjust to a new social environment in a short time.
  2. an actor who can learn lines and become proficient in a role on short notice.

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Example Sentences

Modesta is a quick study not only in the art of joy, but the art of manipulation.

“David may not be an expert on Afghanistan, but he is a quick study and knows a lot about how the media works,” says Dobbs.

Yes, the 48-year-old Treasury secretary works hard and yes, he is a quick study who recovers rapidly from his gaffes.

In them are classified for quick study all the necessary information about the various structures.

Having such a quick study, requiring but few rehearsals, I was from the fourth day ready at any moment to go on and play my part.

He therefore employed himself with a quick study of their surroundings.

Before making a detailed study of each element of this vocal vocabulary let us make a quick study with the four elements in mind.

Hugh John stuck to it and did pretty well, though he is not a quick study.