or quin·cun·xial

[ kwin-kuhn-shuh l, kwing- ]
/ kwɪnˈkʌn ʃəl, kwɪŋ- /


consisting of, arranged, or formed like a quincunx or quincunxes.
Botany. noting a five-ranked arrangement of leaves.

Origin of quincuncial

1595–1605; < Latin quīncunciālis, equivalent to quīncunci- (stem of quīncunx quincunx) + -ālis -al1

OTHER WORDS FROM quincuncial

quin·cun·cial·ly, adverb
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British Dictionary definitions for quincuncial

/ (kwɪnˈkʌnʃəl) /


consisting of or having the appearance of a quincunx
(of the petals or sepals of a five-membered corolla or calyx in the bud) arranged so that two members overlap another two completely and the fifth overlaps on one margin and is itself overlapped on the other

Derived forms of quincuncial

quincuncially, adverb
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