[ kwin-tuhp-lit, -too-plit, -tyoo-, kwin-too-plit, -tyoo- ]
/ kwɪnˈtʌp lɪt, -ˈtu plɪt, -ˈtyu-, ˈkwɪn tʊ plɪt, -tyʊ- /


any group or combination of five, especially of the same kind.
quintuplets, five children or offspring born of one pregnancy.
one of five such children or offspring.
Music. a group of five notes of equal value performed in the time normally taken for four.

Origin of quintuplet

First recorded in 1870–75; quintuple + -et
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Example sentences from the Web for quintuplet

  • Quintole, quintuplet—a group of five notes to be performed in the time ordinarily given to four notes of the same value.

British Dictionary definitions for quintuplet

/ (ˈkwɪntjʊplɪt, kwɪnˈtjuːplɪt) /


a group or set of five similar things
one of five offspring born at one birthOften shortened to: quin
music a group of five notes to be played in a time value of three, four, or some other value
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Medical definitions for quintuplet

[ kwĭn-tŭplĭt, -tōōplĭt, kwĭntə-plĭt ]


One of five offspring born in a single birth.
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