[ noun, adjective kwin-too-pli-kit, -tyoo-; verb kwin-too-pli-keyt, -tyoo- ]
/ noun, adjective kwɪnˈtu plɪ kɪt, -ˈtyu-; verb kwɪnˈtu plɪˌkeɪt, -ˈtyu- /


a group, series, or set of five copies or identical items, especially copies of typewritten matter.


noting or consisting of five identical parts; fivefold.
pertaining to a fifth item or copy of something.

verb (used with object), quin·tu·pli·cat·ed, quin·tu·pli·cat·ing.

to produce or copy in quintuplicate.
to make five times as great, as by multiplying.

Idioms for quintuplicate

    in quintuplicate, in five identical copies.

Origin of quintuplicate

1650–60; quintu(ple) + -plicate, after duplicate, triplicate, etc.

OTHER WORDS FROM quintuplicate

quin·tu·pli·ca·tion, noun

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Example sentences from the Web for quintuplicate

  • Associated words: quinary, quintuple, quintuplicate, quincunx.

    Putnam's Word Book|Louis A. Flemming
  • Not a rivet fell, but that its fall was noted—in quintuplicate.

    The Misplaced Battleship|Harry Harrison (AKA Henry Maxwell Dempsey)

British Dictionary definitions for quintuplicate


adjective (kwɪnˈtjuːplɪkɪt)

fivefold or quintuple

verb (kwɪnˈtjuːplɪˌkeɪt)

to multiply or be multiplied by five

noun (kwɪnˈtjuːplɪkɪt)

a group or set of five things

Derived forms of quintuplicate

quintuplication, noun
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