or quitch grass

[kwich or kwich gras]

Origin of quitch

before 900; late Middle English quich, Old English cwice; cognate with Dutch kweek, Norwegian kvike; akin to quick (adj.)

couch grass

[kouch, kooch]
  1. any of various grasses, especially Agropyron repens, known chiefly as troublesome weeds and characterized by creeping rootstocks that spread rapidly.

Origin of couch grass

1570–80; couch, variant of quitch
Also called quitch, quitch grass.
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British Dictionary definitions for quitch grass

quitch grass

  1. another name for couch grass Sometimes shortened to: quitch

Word Origin for quitch grass

Old English cwice; perhaps related to cwicu living, quick (with the implication that the grass cannot be killed); compare Dutch kweek, Norwegian kvike, German Queckengras

couch grass

  1. a grass, Agropyron repens, with a yellowish-white creeping underground stem by which it spreads quickly: a troublesome weedSometimes shortened to: couch Also called: scutch grass, twitch grass, quitch grass
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