[ kwit-kleym ]
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  1. a transfer of all one's interest, as in a parcel of real estate, especially without a warranty of title.

verb (used with object)
  1. to quit or give up claim to (a possession, right, etc.).

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Origin of quitclaim

1275–1325; Middle English quitclayme<Anglo-French quiteclame, derivative of quiteclamer to declare quit. See quit1 (adj.), claim

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British Dictionary definitions for quitclaim


/ (ˈkwɪtˌkleɪm) law /

  1. a formal renunciation of any claim against a person or of a right to land

  1. (tr)

    • to renounce (a claim) formally

    • to declare (a person) free from liability

Origin of quitclaim

C14: from Anglo-French quiteclame, from quite quit + clamer to declare (from Latin clamāre to shout)

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