[ kwoh-shuh nt ]
/ ˈkwoʊ ʃənt /

noun Mathematics.

the result of division; the number of times one quantity is contained in another.

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Origin of quotient

1400–50; late Middle English quocient, quociens < Latin quotiēns (adv.) how many times

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British Dictionary definitions for quotient


/ (ˈkwəʊʃənt) /


  1. the result of the division of one number or quantity by another
  2. the integral part of the result of division
a ratio of two numbers or quantities to be divided

Word Origin for quotient

C15: from Latin quotiens how often

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Word Origin and History for quotient



"number of times one quantity is contained in another," mid-15c., from Latin quotiens "how often? how many times?; as often as," pronomial adverb of time, from quot "how many?" (see quote (v.)). The Latin adverb quotiens was mistaken in Middle English for a present participle in -ens.

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Medicine definitions for quotient


[ kwōshənt ]


The number obtained by dividing one quantity by another.

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Science definitions for quotient


[ kwōshənt ]

The number that results when one number is divided by another. If 6 is divided by 3, the quotient can be represented as 2, or as 6 ÷ 3, or as the fraction 63.
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