[ rab-it-fish ]
/ ˈræb ɪtˌfɪʃ /

noun, plural (especially collectively) rab·bit·fish, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) rab·bit·fish·es.

a puffer, Lagocephalus laevigatus.
a chimaera, Chimaera monstrosa.

Origin of rabbitfish

1820–30; rabbit + fish, from the resemblance of its nose to a rabbit's
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British Dictionary definitions for rabbitfish

/ (ˈræbɪtˌfɪʃ) /

noun plural -fish or -fishes

a large chimaera, Chimaera monstrosa, common in European seas, with separate caudal and anal fins and a long whiplike tail
any of the spiny-finned tropical marine fishes of the family Siganidae of Indo-Pacific waters. They have a rabbit-like snout and spines on the pelvic or ventral fins
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