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[ reys-trak ]


  1. a plot of ground, usually oval, laid out for horse racing.
  2. the course for any race.


/ ˈreɪsˌtræk /


  1. a circuit or course, esp an oval one, used for motor racing, speedway, etc
  2. Also calledracecourse a long broad track, usually of grass, enclosed between rails, and with starting and finishing points marked upon it, over which horses are raced
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Word History and Origins

Origin of racetrack1

First recorded in 1855–60
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Example Sentences

Just a 10 minute drive from Nicolas’s mobile home was the Thermal Club, where millionaires lounged in multi-million-dollar villas and drove luxury race cars around a private racetrack.

From Time

Thermal Beach Club, like the racetrack, will allow members to “reign over the water in your private paradise” — not just private pavement but a whole bespoke climate.

On the other hand, developers are constantly asked about adding real-world racetracks to their games.

On a racetrack, outgunning other cars is not much of a problem for Ryan Newman.

A surveillance plane registered to Lasai Aviation, a contractor of the US Army, likely equipped with highly sensitive radar was logged circling Capitol airspace in a racetrack motion for several hours in the middle of the day on January 13.

And my father is a jockey so when I saw his picture I knew it was a grandstand at a racetrack.

Tens of millions of others watch their sports heroes wrangle on court, field, rink and racetrack.

The risk to others on the racetrack, surely, is decidedly greater than that presented by the HIV infection of Johnson or Louganis.

NASCAR racetrack companies say the economy is largely to blame and that it has began offering deals to increase attendees.

As they say at the racetrack of bad mudders on a rainy day: toss.

The state may prohibit a telegraph company from transmitting racetrack news.

The story "hangs," as the racetrack reporters express it, in the last few strides.

They calibrated themselves and James with the cold-blooded attitude of racetrack touts clocking their favorite horses.

Can you see the invisible hand that is doping the racetrack sheet?

Her riding at the racetrack was vividly in his mind and she blushed quite prettily when he referred to it in admiration.


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