or Rach·ma·ni·nov

[rahkh-mah-nuh-nawf, -nof, rahk-; Russian ruhkh-mah-nyi-nuh f]


Ser·gei Was·si·lie·vitch [sur-gey vuh-seel-yuh-vich; Russian syir-gyey vuh-syee-lyi-vyich] /sɜrˈgeɪ vəˈsil yə vɪtʃ; Russian syɪrˈgyeɪ vʌˈsyi lyɪ vyɪtʃ/, 1873–1943, Russian pianist and composer.

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Contemporary Examples of rachmaninoff

  • Like the guy who sits down at the piano in a hotel lobby and bangs out Rachmaninoff.

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    Federer Breaks His Silence

    Joshua Robinson

    September 6, 2010

Historical Examples of rachmaninoff

  • It is as dismal and as overdone as Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C sharp minor.

    Nights in London

    Thomas Burke

  • The giant of to-day, to my mind, is indisputably Rachmaninoff.

  • She played the Rachmaninoff "Prelude," and when she had finished they neither moved nor spoke.

    The Outrage

    Annie Vivanti

  • They have not, however, the splendid mould of Rachmaninoff, nor have they his vigorous originality.

  • An excellent example of this is contained in the autobiography, Rachmaninoff's Recollections.

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Sergei Vassilievich (sɪrˈɡjej vaˈsiljɪvitʃ). 1873–1943, Russian piano virtuoso and composer
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