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/ ˈreɪsɪŋ /


  1. denoting or associated with horse races

    a racing man

    the racing fraternity


  1. the practice of engaging horses (or sometimes greyhounds) in contests of speed

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Example Sentences

Easton’s premium EC90AX wheelset is roadie light at just 1,470 grams yet stiff enough for the rigors of gravel racing.

Researchers use racing as a testing ground for auto technologies “because it’s so extreme and binary,” Peak said.

From Fortune

Those adjustments are tested in the wind tunnel prior to racing.

From Fortune

Last year, in the second quarter, F1 shared some $335 million in profits with the racing franchises.

From Fortune

Stepping down as CEO in 2017, Slootman followed his passion into the world of regatta sailboat racing known as Pac52 for the high-tech 52-foot long sailing vessels involved.

From Fortune

They were racing toward the corner of Tompkins and Myrtle avenues with Johnson at the wheel when another call came over the radio.

Today, former TNR writers and the rest of the media establishment are racing to denounce Hughes.

Jolly, who entered the racing world when she was eight years old, remembers being taunted as a kid.

Her smile flattened out, and I could see her mind racing as she thought over what, if anything, this would mean for us.

She had previously been married to a racing-car driver who had been killed, leaving her with one child.

It was at this parliament that the famous acts against horse racing and deceitful gaming were passed.

Two Battalions racing due North along the coast and foothills with levelled bayonets.

Lucy Warrender, ever ready for mischief, feigned an intense interest in racing matters, but failed to draw Lord Hetton.

Eudora was racing now through the briers, and weeds, and palmetto stumps, and dragging Mandy Ann with her.

As the canoe drew near the girls saw a wild mob of children, both boys and girls, racing toward the broken landing.


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