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/ ˈrækɪts /


  1. functioning as singular
    1. a game similar to squash played in a large four-walled court by two or four players using rackets and a small hard ball
    2. ( as modifier )

      a rackets court

      a rackets championship

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Example Sentences

There were huge picnics at sports day; the smartest tennis rackets, that kind of thing.

In an environment lacking effective law enforcement, blackmail possibilities burgeoned: protection rackets, kidnapping, and so on.

In the 1940s, the Jewish rackets were waning in influence as the Italian Mafia expanded.

As of 2005, Safin estimated he had broken more than 300 rackets in emotional outbursts.

In the middle of this broad and fantastically carved joist there was an old painting representing a cat playing rackets.

He wore no neckerchief, as he had been playing rackets all day, and his open shirt collar displayed their full luxuriance.

With tennis-rackets and golf-bags it certainly seemed as if those seventeen girls and their belongings were going to fill the car.

He may extinguish our renown at rackets, or even soar considerably above our mark in the altitude of the flying-leap.

He found the going quite hard enough, even in the trail made by two pairs of rackets, three dogs, and a loaded sled.





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