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[ rak-ing ]


, Masonry.
  1. the stepping back of the ends of courses successively from bottom to top in an unfinished wall to facilitate resumption of work or bonding with an intersecting wall.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of racking1

First recorded in 1890–95; rack 1 + -ing 1

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Example Sentences

That was a little nerve racking as I have heard of false positives which would have meant being denied boarding.

And though Republicans are racking up minority leaders at the national level, it continues to face a fundamental obstacle.

“Discord” proceeds to envelop us in this exhaustive, mind-racking debate.

Everyone wanted to keep Winston on the field, racking up wins and alumni donations.

After racking up seven Hopalong Cassidy movies, Mitchum got himself an RKO contract for $350.

Not coincidentally, his weekly is basking in the spotlight—and racking up huge sales—while performing this “service.”

His companion sat still with signs of tension in his face, and it was clear that he was racking his befogged brain.

After racking his imagination, it occurred to him to bribe the blowsy waiting-maid with gold.

He made the mere unlocking of the door a nerve-racking sound, and stamped in swearing under his breath.

And the night before Herbert Murray was to set sail, he lay groaning and moaning with racking pains.

Again one of those agonizing waits, racking to the two men whose future depended largely upon the happenings atop the range.