[ rad-ferd ]


  1. Arthur William, 1896–1973, U.S. admiral: chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff 1953–57.
  2. a town in SW Virginia.

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Example Sentences

Radford’s former Olympic partner, Meagan Duhamel, has also expressed disappointment on social media by Radford’s sudden decision to partner with James, saying she and Radford had planned on skating in shows.

From Time

Radford has been reinstated and reclaimed his starting spot.

Radford faces up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500 for each of the Class 1 misdemeanor counts.

In fact, no one was wearing masks at Little Lambs Christian Dayschool, the day care at Fairlawn Christian Academy in Radford, according to Virginia Department of Health records.

“I think wind energy and clean energy are regional and fairly bipartisan,” says Phil Radford, executive director at Greenpeace.

“I think you will see a much more diverse constituency demanding action across the aisle,” Radford says.

"And light yourself a cigarette, so long as you don't set the house on fire," said Mrs. Radford.

Mrs. Radford took the Dutch oven from the fire, and stood near him, putting bits of bacon on his plate.

Mrs. Radford, large and threatening, stood suspended on the hearthrug, holding her fork.

Mrs. Radford had done all the little jobs preparatory to going to bed, had locked the door and filled the kettle.

In sight of the hospitable home of Mr. Radford was another, equally attractive, owned by his brother-in-law, Mr. Bowyer.