radiant energy

  1. energy transmitted in wave motion, especially electromagnetic wave motion.

Origin of radiant energy

First recorded in 1910–15

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How to use radiant energy in a sentence

  • We are to have the apparatus, which illustrates the conversion of radiant energy into sonorous vibrations.

    Heart and Science | Wilkie Collins
  • In this respect also, Gravitation differs from the form of radiant energy.

    Dynamic Thought | William Walker Atkinson
  • Through all the hardship and suffering of the last three years she had kept her look of bright intelligence, of radiant energy.

    Life and Gabriella | Ellen Glasgow
  • In another hour or two Earth would transit the Sun and that would cut down the radiant energy to some degree.

    Empire | Clifford Donald Simak
  • The water obtained its energy of position by being evaporated by the heat of the radiant energy of the sun.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower

British Dictionary definitions for radiant energy

radiant energy

  1. energy that is emitted or propagated in the form of particles or electromagnetic radiation. It is measured in joules: Symbol: Q e

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Scientific definitions for radiant energy

radiant energy

  1. Energy in the form of waves, especially electromagnetic waves. Radio waves, x-rays, and visible light are all forms of radiant energy.

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