[ rad-i-kuhl ]
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  1. Botany.

    • the lower part of the axis of an embryo; the primary root.

    • a rudimentary root; radicel or rootlet.

  2. Chemistry. (formerly) radical (def. 15).

  1. Anatomy. a small rootlike part or structure, as the beginning of a nerve or vein.

Origin of radicle

1665–75; <Latin rādīcula small root, equivalent to rādīc- (stem of rādīx) root1 + -ula-ule

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British Dictionary definitions for radicle


/ (ˈrædɪkəl) /

  1. botany

    • part of the embryo of seed-bearing plants that develops into the main root

    • a very small root or rootlike part

  2. anatomy any bodily structure resembling a rootlet, esp one of the smallest branches of a vein or nerve

  1. chem a variant spelling of radical (def. 11)

Origin of radicle

C18: from Latin rādīcula a little root, from rādīx root

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Scientific definitions for radicle


[ rădĭ-kəl ]

  1. The part of a plant embryo that develops into a root. In most seeds, the radicle is the first structure to emerge on germination.

  2. A small anatomical structure, such as a fibril of a nerve, that resembles a root.

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